Cate Blanchett Didn't Realise She Was The MCU's First Proper Female Villain

By Dave Meikleham on at

There's little denying the MCU's villains suck. Aside from Tom Hiddleston's marvellously murdery Loki, every Marvel film's Big Bad has essentially ended up as a shoddily animated, unconvincing CGI threat. Representation is also a problem: we've had roughly 32,000 rubbish computer-generated aliens in the MCU, but not a single female baddie.

Cate Blanchett recently brought up this omission in an interview with E! News, while talking about her role in the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok. The Aussie actress is quite rightly bewildered by the fact she's the first woman to play a high profile antagonist in a Marvel film:

“I didn’t realize… I was inhabiting the first female Marvel villain onscreen. I thought, ‘Surely not… well, no actually that’s true.’ There’s been many, many, many [female villains] in the comic books, but they’ve been a little tardy in bringing them to the screen, so hopefully there will be a lot more villainesses.”

Note to Marvel: make more kickass lady villains, and less shitty Avengers-esque alien armies.

Thor: Ragnarok hits UK Cinemas October 27.