Chinese Authorities Crack Down on Winnie the Pooh

By Gary Cutlack on at

There's trouble for Pooh in the 2.37 billion acre brownfield industrial wood that is China, as authorities have launched a fresh clampdown on sharing of images of the bear on social media.

Obviously no one's actually said why Pooh is now an illegal underground figure now, although the clear inference is that it's in response to the bear's ongoing use to mildly mock the country's president Xi Jinping -- something that's been on trend in the country for several years. The president has been compared to Pooh many times in his dealings with world leaders, with skewerings like this...

...apparently the reason images of Milne's mentally challenged bear have once again been removed from postings on local messaging app WeChat. The president should try reading some of the responses David Cameron gets on Twitter for a few days, as saying you look like a nice cuddly bear isn't exactly at the extreme end of social media hate. [Sky News]

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