Citymapper Has Gone From Telling You What Bus To Get To Providing One

By Ian Morris on at

The CM2 is Citymapper first attempt at running a bus service. It's called "Night Rider" and it will operate a small East London route from the end of August this year. The route is designed to fill in a gap the company had spotted from the use of its mapping app and will run from Aldgate East Station and Highbury & Islington Station. It's for hipsters in case you haven't guessed.

The new route is the result of Citymapper's previous trial, the CMX1, where it ran free buses on a circular route around the capital.

The route will only operate at weekends and will run from 9pm until 5am but is fully approved by TFL and run by Tower Transit. As you might expect there's a lot of tech going into the bus too, it will know how full it is and of course any delays thanks to vomiting and/or weird late night weekend traffic. And while Citymapper is new to the bus game, Tower Transit is not, currently operating hot favourite routes like 25, 30, 58, 69, 212, 236, 308 and not forgetting that classic, the 339.

Payment will be contactless, using your bank card or mobile phone to pay. There's no suggestion you'll be able to use an Oyster card though, but that's a minor concern as many people use bank cards. It does, however, suggest that the pricing will be different to TFL's. There's no indication of pricing yet though, so we'll have to wait and see - still cheaper than an Uber though, we'll bet. There will be displays on board that give much better information than most normal buses. For one thing it looks like you'll be able to stop worrying about what the next stop is, thanks to maps and detailed information. This is something that TFLs normal bus fleet could take a lesson from.

The buses are green, to match Citymapper's colour scheme and the insides are green too. The green seats will also include USB charging, which should be a big deal for late-night revellers who have used up their iPhone charge taking selfies. [Via Citymapper on Medium]

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