Dads Not Understanding the Washing Machine Adverts BANNED

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Advertising Standard Authority is happy that it's done enough to kick sexism aimed at women out of advertising, so now it's got another target in its sights -- the incompetent father figure struggling to multitask because mum's been out of the house for 40 minutes and dinner's burning.

This sort of thing is covered by the ASA's new advice that ads that depict a man "trying and failing to undertake simple parental or household tasks" shouldn't be created from now on, as some modern men actually do know which drawer compartment the washing powder goes in AND understand the true purpose and benefit of fabric conditioner. Adverts should also steer clear of another classic trope; the woman being the only one who clears up after the kids. Because some men, too, stress about the expensive Lego being stepped on and are able to tidy the house.

As well as not portraying men as panicking household buffoons washing babies with bleach and the toilet brush any more, the ASA says the ads of the near future should avoid portraying activities as either being for boys or girls, with a further focus on not mocking those who don't conform to these stereotypical roles.

In short, practically every advert from the 1970s is now retrospectively frowned upon, and expect Homebase to soon start showing women confidently attaching kitchen units to plasterboard walls using the correct specification of rawlplug. Because that's how it is now, and even if it isn't we still have to pretend it really is. [ASA]

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