DCMS Changes Name To DCMS

By Ian Morris on at

The Department for Culture, Media And Sport has changed its name to the Department For Digital, Culture, Media and Sport which technically makes it the DDCMS, but to keep things simple the government is going to carry on calling it DCMS. So to clarify, they've changed the name by adding Digital but because Deparment also starts with a D they're not really bothering to change the stationary.

And of course none of this in any way parallels the satire of The Thick of It when the Department of Social Affairs (DoSA) was renamed the Department of Social Affairs and Citizenship (DoSAC).

The department is celebrating its 25th birthday and its role has changed a lot. It now oversees aspects of telecoms, the internet and skills for the modern world. As such it was absolutely crucial that they changed the name rather than just getting on with the job. Because it's important that the general public, who could not care less, is able to see that you do digital things as well as art things and sport things.

The DCMS has recently suggested it will shift responsibility for the sale of Sky to 21st Century Fox over to another review. It has also announced that there will be a delay to the review into Fixed-odds betting terminals which UK gamblers lost £1.82bn last year. This will now report back in the Autumn.

So, you know what the DCMS does, what would you name it? Answers in the comments please. There will be no prizes beyond the respect of your peers, but that respect will surely be more valuable than anything else.

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