Dogs Really do Attack Postmen -- Seven Times a Day

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Royal Mail is doing one of those special weeks this week, declaring it Dog Awareness Week. And some of its postmen are extremely aware of dogs indeed, as the postal group says its delivery men and women are subjected to an average of seven dog attacks a day across the country when delivering our exciting packages.

Workers' union CWU says overall attacks fell last year, though, with around 2,500 attacks reported -- although it suspects some minor altercations aren't being reported. And because of this it's encouraging workers to start reporting all attacks no matter how small, as it worries that small incidents could one day turn into larger, more serious attacks. So Rover had best start behaving, as those are a man's fingers poking through the letterbox, not sausages.

The Royal Mail says the summer is the worst time for postie attacks, as children and parents are more likely to be home, so their pets are also more likely to be roaming the gardens looking for meat. [RMG via Sky News]

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