Etiquette Expert Says Don't Give Your Seat up for Children

By Gary Cutlack on at

Debrett's, a sort of informal posh people rules police, has come out with some advice that exonerates millions of businessmen staring into their current year Samsung phones and refusing to budge from their seats. It says it's OK not to give up a seat on train to a child.

The etiquette company says that only in exceptional circumstances, like if it's really young and not on a parent's lap or appears to be suffering from a disability, should an important man feel obliged to vacate his hard-won train seat for an ungrateful, fare-dodging kid.

Lucy Hume from Debrett's said people should also think about giving way to a child if "...a carriage is very crowded and intimidating" or if a parent is carrying a baby, so some basic situational awareness is still needed by entitled suits. [Standard]

Image credit: TfL

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