Everything We Spotted in the New Justice League Trailer

By Tom Pritchard on at

Over in San Diego, Warner Bros has just released the latest trailer for Justice League, which is just over four minutes long. Four minutes packed with action and juicy details about the plot. There's a lot to take in, so let's get to it and work out everything we saw.

First up, the trailer in full:

So here we are in London (I'm assuming, based on the guard's accent). Some bad guys are doing bad things.

You know they're bad guys because they shoot people and take kids hostage. Obviously they don't expect anyone to stop them, and since Superman is dead why would they?

Obviously they don't count on Wonder Woman blasting through the door. Since she's alone, we can assume that this is early on in the film.

And here she is using her magical powers of slow motion, which she needn't have bothered with, since that bullet is obviously going to miss regardless. Naturally she can't use her magic bullet-repelling vambraces because the ricochet might injure a hostage.

This guy just made a rookie mistake, by trying to take down a literal goddess with the butt of a gun. The ensuring fight shows why that this guy is an idiot.

"What did you do this weekend, Diana?"

"Oh nothing interesting." Hah hah, because her superheroics are a secret. Somehow. She doesn't wear a mask, so it's not like she even bothers to try and conceal her identity. Even Superman wore glasses for crying out loud.

The government's entertainment-based tax breaks are in full effect, which also helps to show that the whole world is mourning Superman - not just America.

This looks like the monument to those who died in Man of Steel, as seen in Batman v Superman. My guess is that this mystery umbrella-wielding person is Lois or someone equally close to Clark Kent.

The Daily Planet, showing just how bleak things are without the man of steel - despite the fact everyone seemed to be against him in the last film. So everyone is retroactively pretending they universally saw Superman as a symbol of hope. A newsreader also called him "the super man" for some reason.

Various voiceovers note of a crimewave around the world, like the heist in London, while a French voice mentions something about Lex Luthor being in Arkham Asylum. This ends with people asking about the 'Gotham Bat', wondering where he is since Superman's death. Interesting since not everyone was convinced he existed in the last film.

Obviously the GCPD do, and you can see Commissioner Gordon (JK Simmons) lighting up the Bat signal, as he is wont to do. Nothing major to note here, he looks like Gordon should.

And here is Batman, brooding like Batman does.

Overly CG-Batman is overly CG.

"They said the age of heroes would never come again."

"It has to. We don't have any more time."

Here we have the island of Themyscira, home of the Amazons, last seen in Wonder Woman. It still seems to be hidden behind some sort of cloak.

And here we have a Mother Box, a sentient computer from the planet Apokolips. Something is happening overhead, and it can't be good.

Three of these are supposed to be on Earth, one given the the Amazons, another to the Atlanteans, and a third given to humans. The third one is likely the one used to create Cyborg.

Queen Hippolyta, leader of the Amazons, mother of Wonder Woman, and all round military badass.

And here we finally get to see Steppenwolf, played by Game of Thrones' Ciaran Hinds. If this is anything like the comics, Steppenwolf is here to retrieve the Mother Boxes and possibly conquer Earth in the process.

Another shot, showing off his axe.

Our first glimpse at Atlantis, alongside Aquaman showing off his swimming prowess.

Atlantis is looking pretty run down, if this is indeed Atlantis.

A better shot of the aquatic hero, with very black-looking hair.

A voiceover, presumably Steppenwolf, says that there are "no protectors here".

The fact that Wonder Woman is around would prove this assumption to be a lie.

"No Lanterns." A reference to the Green Lantern Corps - a cosmic police force that are due to reappear on the big screen by 2020. Earth, or at least its sector of space, should have a Lantern assigned to it, but clearly something has happened. Needless to say neither Hal Jordan, John Stewart, or Guy Gardner are about. Perhaps the last Lantern was killed, and the replacement is being trained. It would explain why Green Lantern has been so absent in the DCEU.

Obviously there we have Cyborg, in what looks like an abandoned building. Maybe he's hiding out, still trying to come to terms with his transformation.

"No kryptonian" says Steppenwolf, while Bruce Wayne miserably hazes at a hologram of Superman. Kryptonians are abnormally powerful, so it makes sense that Steppenwolf would want to avoid a fight with one on their home turf.

Then we get a shot of Barry Allen, in front of who I assume is Iris West (Kiersey Clemons).

And he's poking glass like it's clingfilm. Obviously it's actually shattering, but he's moving so quickly we get to see all the flexing.

"This world will fall, like all the others. " And then we get another shot of Steppenwolf, who is hitting the desert with his axe for some reason.

Oh that's probably the reason. There's a chance he's doing this to mess up the plans of the Amazon cavalry, which we'll see later.

"One misses the days when one's biggest concerns were exploding wind-up penguins." No need to explain who Alfred is talking about, though it's nice that the humorous lines are being given to him this time, rather than Batman. My guess is that this is the day Steppenwolf invades.

And you can see at least part of his army inside his ship. It's a big ship, with a big army.

And there he is looking up at a very red sky. Pay attention, that sky pops up again later.

"This is crazy. Honestly I think we're all going to die". Aquaman is ever the optimist, but his armour is pretty sweet. Note that he has blonde highlights in his hair here, which were not as apparent underwater.

Batman inside the Batmobile, in his best Nite Owl cosplay.

And there's the Batmobile flying out of the Flying Fox. Things look bleak, and it looks like this is towards the film's climax.

"Each of us is, in some way, held back." says Cyborg. It sounds like he's helping the team to bond and realise why they need to work together.

"Don't engage alone. We do this together. " says Wonder Woman, the only one with real battle experience (that we know of). Basically, don't do what Batman would normally do.

Here's a shot of the Flash that we've seen before, looking all speedy and lightning-like.

"It's really cool that you guys seem ready to do battle and stuff" says Flash, rather nervously, "but I've never done battle."

"I just push some people and run away". Clearly he's still pretty green when it comes to the whole fighting bad guys lark.

While you can't see it in the picture, Batman's Nightcrawler has just been hit by some sort of projectile. Presumably this has wrecked some of the important systems because...

... Cyborg is having to do what he does best, and interfacing with the vehicle, albeit rather crudely.

"Relax, Alfred, I'll take it from here."

So clearly something affected Alfred's ability to remotely operate the Nightcralwer, or he wasn't able to get things done properly from his safe little bunker in Wayne Manor.

Alfred asking if he knows Cyborg may get a laugh, but it makes no sense that he wouldn't know who he is.

Steppenwolf vs Wonder Woman here, and the only partial shot I could get of his face from the whole trailer. He kind of looks like Voldemort with a nose and a horned helmet.

Another shot of the same fight, but from a different angle.

And again. If you have an alien warlord who is capable of things humans couldn't dream of, it makes sense to through an immortal goddess of war at him.

Back to Atlantis, where we can see Steppenwolf attacking Aquaman, presumably in the process of retrieving the Atlantean Mother box.

And Aquaman skillfully dodges with his swimming speed, which rivals that of Superman when he's flying.

A nice shot of Steppenwolf's glowing orange axe.

And Batman is fighting a Parademon hand to hand, which shows just how refined his combat skills actually are.

British police dealing with an explosion, which I assume is around the same time as the Wonder Woman scene from the start of the trailer.

A partial shot of Steppenwolf's face here, still fighting Wonder Woman.

And here we have Owl Man Batman swinging about, with the red sky behind him.

And Aquaman shows off another of his powers, or rather one offered by his trident. He can use it to control the seas themselves, since it allegedly belonged to Poseidon. Only his descendants can wield it, which kind of makes Aquaman and Wonder Woman cousins of a sort.

A chimney stack is collapsing, in a place I can't really place. The architecture makes me want to say a former-Communist Eastern European nation. Note the red hue, which is cause by the sky, and the Batmobile underneath the top of the chimney stack.

I have no clue what's going on, but obviously it's nothing good. Note the Parademons attached the the back of the batmobile.

The four members of the league in full gear, in public, outside what I'm going to assume is the Hall of Justice. It was seen on set, and that area wouldn't look out of place in front of a giant ornate superhero headquarters.

The Amazons riding into battle, presumably facing Steppenwolf before he starts laying into the desert. I have a feeling this is a flashback to the distant past, when Earth first encountered the forces of Apokolips, and received the initial three Mother boxes. The lack of Red Sky is what tips me off.

And here we have the Flash, pushing something and running away. In this case, Wonder Woman's sword.

Which she clearly needs help reaching.

Now this bit has me baffled. That's clearly a new Bat vehicle of some kinds, fitted with heavy weapons like missiles, but what the hell is it shooting at? I honestly have no clue. Something alien, I suppose.

Do you still think Aquaman is lame? What about after seeing him literally surf a Parademon down a building? I'd like to see Batman try that.

This looks like the roof of the GCPD, because Gordon is there, in a scene that was showed off to the press last year.

"How many of you are there?" asks Gordon, "Not enough," says Batman.

And Gordon turned round, and as usual everyone left. Except the Flash, who didn't even notice (somehow). He proclaims that it was pretty rude of them to vanish, before speeding off himself.

The un-subtle Jurassic Park-style 'something is coming' indicator.

Something is coming for Alfred it seems.

I can't tell is he's inside or outside, but he's obviously working on a proper not-Bat-themed car. While drinking whisky.

"He said you'd come, now let's hope you're not too late."

If this isn't Superman, I'll be incredibly surprised. We know he's in the film, but so far we haven't seem a glimpse of when he'll show up. My guess is that this scene is near the end of the film, meaning we won't get much Supes until the sequel - similar to Luke Skywalker's role in The Force Awakens.

And that's the end of the trailer. Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments.

Justice League arrives in cinemas on 17th November 2017.