Floating Wind Farm Sets Sail for Scotland

By Gary Cutlack on at

Norwegian wind turbine experts have completed what they think is a world first -- a floating wind farm. And it's for us, as a sort of present from Statoil and Masdar that we paid £210m for. Consisting of five 6MW turbines, the platform is now complete and ready to be towed to the coast of Scotland.

Once in position in the North Sea 25km off the coast of Peterhead it'll be anchored to the seafloor, referred to as the Hywind Scotland wind farm and ready to produce enough energy to power around 22,000 average homes. And wow, is it ever a BIG THING:

Hywind is planned to be online by the end of 2017, when it'll sit out there bobbing around on up to 20m waves sending us electric to make fun things work. [Masdar]

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