Fly Through This Real Hotel Like It Was Scanned by an Enormous Medical Machine

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Using strong magnetic fields and radio waves, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines let us peer inside the human body as if it were sliced into thousands of layers. The same effect has been achieved here, letting you fly through the massive Sofa Hotel in Istanbul. But do they make MRI machines that big?

Obviously not. This video, as well as an interactive 3D model, were created by rebuilding the hotel’s structure in three dimensions using laser scanners, and then bringing it to life by texturing the walls, floors, ceiling, and even furniture using over 10,000 photographs in a process called photogrammetry. Imagine if you could explore every hotel this way before booking a room instead of relying on a handful of questionable photos.

Hotel from oddviz on Vimeo.

[oddviz via Prosthetic Knowledge]