Game Of Thrones Piracy Hits 90 Million For The New Series

By Ian Morris on at

Torrentfreak has numbers from piracy monitor Muso, and it claims that a staggering 90 million people have watched Game of Thrones without paying. That's some significant piracy right there. And in line with the UK government's flap over dodgy streaming services, it is those which make up the large majority of the illegal viewing.

Muso says 77,913,032 people watched season seven's debut episode via what it calls "streaming portals". These are sites which allow you to view episodes as if you were using YouTube. They're obviously incredibly popular and very easy to use, although it's likely that the quality is pretty poor

Public torrents, like The Pirate Bay and other similar sites, accounted for a reasonably modest 8,356,382 downloads. Even smaller are the proportion of torrent downloads that came from private trackers, these sites aren't open to all, they're members-only sites that usually require an invite.

Another 4,949,298 downloads came from people who grabbed the show from a "locker" site. Newsgroup downloads are the only significant public service that they firm doesn't have any data on, but it's harder to track than public torrent downloads. TorrentFreak claims that this is because Muso uses Similarweb to track this data, and newsgroups aren't a web service. Which does make sense, although Usenet has search indexers the same as any piracy source.

Geographically the US was the biggest consumer of illicit dragons and tits, with 15,075,951 views while the UK was second with 6,252,903 pirates.

But no matter where you stand on the rights and wrongs of piracy, these are big numbers. HBO will, no doubt, hope that it can create some fans of the show which it can then convert to DVD and Blu-ray sales.

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