Game Of Thrones Ruined PornHub's Sunday Night

By Ian Morris on at

There's not much that stops people from their rigorous Sunday masturbation schedule, but apparently Game of Thrones is the one thing that can upset the applecart. Traffic, according to PornHub, was down 4.5% when Game of Thrones returned for its seventh season.

Interestingly the traffic drop off started in the hour before the show started, perhaps people were rewatching the previous season finale to remind themselves what happened last year. The good news is that after the show finished there was a surge in traffic again as people went about their normal masturbatory routine. Phew. PornHub is clearly pleased, as Sunday night is prime wanking time, according to the site's detailed analytics. WE SAID ANALYTICS.

The season six finale [PornHub SFW link] was far worse in terms of lost porn traffic though, with a dropoff of some 5.2%. For some reason, episode three in that season saw the smallest fall in traffic, perhaps people so desperate to crack one out that they set the PVR for Game of Thrones and settled down for some good, old-fashioned grot instead.

The good news is that the traffic drop for Game of Thrones is nothing when compared to the Super Bowl. During that all-important national event, the number of people undertaking and undercarriage fiddle fell by a staggering 27%. That said, post-Super Bowl saw an above average increase of 9%, clearly a lot of people feeling the need to unleash some repressed post-football energy.

PornHub will be monitoring future episodes of Game of Thrones and plans to report back on the traffic when Season 7 finishes on August 27th. [via: Jezebel]

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