Gentler Fake Heart to be Tested in 2018

By Gary Cutlack on at

Existing replacement heart pumps apparently have a bit of a problem, in that they're bulky and their aggressive pumping action can damage the blood by being too rough with it. Hence a smaller one that goes a bit easy on the blood coming up for a trial in 2018.

Calon Cardio-Technology is behind what it calls a ventricular assist device or VAD which, instead of replacing the entire heart because that's still a bit hard, sits in the left ventricle of a damaged or failing heart and gives it a bit of a hand.

Calon Cardio's Stuart McConchie said: "It is the first British pump to be built for this purpose: to treat blood which is flowing through the pump extremely gently and to minimise damage to the blood. Patients don’t have return to hospital for correction of adverse events related to blood handing, so the absolute cost benefit becomes substantial."

Being smaller means a slightly less invasive operation to get the MiniVAD in too, if there is a way to open up the middle of someone's chest without being too invasive. 50 people are lined up to test it next year. [GOV]

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