Google Glass Is Back, But Only For Big Business

By Ian Morris on at

First Brexit, then Trump and now Google Glass is coming back. What have we done to deserve this? Is it because we touch ourselves at night? Anyway, Google's much-maligned augmented reality headpiece is making a return

The good news is that we're unlikely to have to suffer the indignity of wearing it any time soon. The redux version of the Glass is mostly going to be aimed at corporate users, which makes a lot more sense. Firms have continued to make use of the original glass, and the new version will have more power, a better display and longer battery life.

Engadget reports that companies like Boeing and AGCO have seen great benefit to using the device. AGCO reduced production times by 25% and DHL increased supply chain efficiency by 15%. While Glass was expensive for normal people at $1500, for companies looking to save money that initial outlay is peanuts when compared to the savings.

Medical professionals are also a group that has benefited from the device claiming it reduces paperwork by 20%, giving them much more time with their patients. A specially designed app automates note taking in the background, which reduces workloads and presumably helps doctors seem more attentive to patients.

So it seems everyone is winning here and the opening paragraph suggesting Google Glass was sired from the loins of Satan himself was somewhat off base. Well just to clarify, here's that picture of Scoble in the shower with it. [via Engadget]

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