Gotham Season 4 Will Feature Porky Psycho Professor Pyg

By Dave Meikleham on at

And here you were thinking that the Joker was bad. Executive producer John Stephens has been talking up Gotham series 4 at San Diego Comic-Con. As Screen Rant reports, the most interesting takeaway relates to the upcoming inclusion of one of Batman's most disturbing, bacon-loving foes. Yup, the disgusting Professor Pyg is coming to Gotham.

Before we get to know the demented Lazlo Valentin a little better, here's the latest Gotham trailer:

Back to Professor Pyg, and here's what Stephens has to say on the new villain:

For this year we’re bringing in one of my favourite newer villains. This might be the first time I’m saying this… because we’re bringing in Professor Pyg this year. And I’ve always loved Pyg because he’s just so demented and strange and gross and terrifying and funny. So, this year, I was like ‘Well, our show is pretty violent and graphic, how can it get more violent and graphic?’ I think Pyg is, maybe because he’s a newer character, feels more current to me in some ways. He doesn’t have some of the baggage of like a character from the ’60s might have where you have to like revitalise in a way. Pyg you can just bring in and he scares everybody.

Pyg's M.O. is as unique as it is grim. Once a talented scientist, Valentin suffered a schizophrenic break, in the process developing a homicidal alter ego. As Pyg, he's an obsessive (super murdery) perfectionist, who uses invasive surgery to transform his victims into lobotomised, walking cadavers, called Dollotrons.

Pyg memorably starred as one of the side villains in 2015's brilliant video game, Batman: Arkham Knight. His Most Wanted side quest sees the Bat stumbling upon all sorts of grizzly murder scenes, and it's only through some seriously sophisticated on-the-spot autopsy techniques that the Dark Knight manages to track the loon down. Watch the gameplay below, then imagine how sinister Gotham's taken on the oinking maniac could be...