"HelloFresh For Dogs" Is Now A Thing

By James O Malley on at

For a few years now subscription services that post you a daily selection of healthy snacks have been growing in popularity amongst the healthier-than-thou in offices up and down the country.

The only problem with the likes of HelloFresh, Graze and Gousto though is that they're rather... human-centric. Until now.

Now a company called Butternut Box has created a similar service... for dogs. Yep, it's time to throw away the Pedigree Chum and treat Fido to a decadent lifestyle that you can't afford for yourself.

The company says that it has worked with nutritionists - and that it has devised some clever algorithms to tailor meals to your individual dogs.

“We know every dog by name,” says co-founder David Nolan. “We know their age, weight, breed, activity levels and body condition. With this information, we can develop meals that meet the dog’s specific needs.”

So far the company has cooked over 250,000 individual meals since it launched in April 2016, and it has recently secured a £1m seed investment from start-up funders Passion Capital.

We only hope that when the post-person delivers the meals that dogs remain well behave, otherwise they'll literally be biting the hands that feed them.