House Of Lords Investigating AI Ethics

By Ian Morris on at

People are stupid and machines are clever, so as soon as someone suggests letting a machine sniff around your personal data you know there's trouble brewing. This is something that the House of Lords seems to understand too, because it's ordered a select committee on artificial intelligence to look into how data is used.

The select committee says it has been "appointed to consider the economic, ethical and social implications of advances in artificial intelligence, and is now calling for evidence from those interested in these issues". A couple of interesting areas it will look at are data-based monopolies of some large corporations and the ethical implications of artificial intelligence. Google might want to prepare itself then.

The questions raised here are certainly going to make for interesting reading. We're at the point now where literally everything we do is logged. It's not that easy for humans to parse that data, but a machine that's able to look at almost unlimited amounts of information could tell things about our lives that perhaps we don't even realise ourselves.

It's probably best get a lid on this before Pandora's box is entirely emptied all over again. [via: The Register]

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