How to Watch Wimbledon at Work Without Getting Caught

By James O Malley on at

It is that time of the year again when we all dust off our unloved tennis racquets and pull on our white polo necks for the Wimbledon tennis tournament. After all, after Brexit, what else do we have left?

But Andy Murray isn't the only one under pressure, as he tries to secure a third title at the All England Club. What about the people who want to watch Wimbledon at work while in the office? Pulling a sickie won't work for two whole weeks, so how can you maximise your in-office skiving off? Here are our top-tips.

Watch Wimbledon at Work On BBC iPlayer

So first things first; how can you actually watch? As ever, the BBC will be streaming the whole tournament to viewers in the UK on iPlayer and the BBC Sport website, so you'll be able to tune into live video, audio or even text updates.

The iPlayer app for iPhone and Android is also capable of streaming live - which might make for a good alternative. Make sure you've got a good mobile data package though if not streaming over Wi-Fi, as video will eat up a lot of bandwidth – especially if a game goes on for a long time. Just make sure you have a TV licence!

On TVCatchUp on Your Phone

If your work has banned the iPlayer, perhaps knowing how employees want to slack off and watch telly instead, then try TVCatchUp. It works on both desktop and mobile (and has an app), and can stream all of the major UK TV channels.

watch wimbledon at work

The Official Wimbledon App

Who needs broadcasters when Wimbledon now does its own thing too? The tournament has its own official app which offers all of the scores, data and also live streams, providing a third option for you to attempt to outfox corporate IT with. It is currently available on iOS and Android.

In Person

If you want to watch Wimbledon in person while you are still at work, then you have to make sure your office is located in one very specific place. By our detailed calculations (ie: two minutes on Google Maps), these are the only two towers from which you could conceivably catch a glimpse of the courts.

We admit this option probably isn't very useful.

If you're actually planning on skiving off work and heading down SW19, check out Lifehacker UK's insider guide to Wimbledon, which gives advice on how to get last minute tickets, and where to park.

How Not to Get Caught

Nerds are brilliant for two reasons: First off, they make the internet work, and secondly, they are really lazy. There's several clever websites in existence which will take any page you choose and transform it to look like a much more boring office application – now you can disguise Wimbledon updates as a spreadsheet.

One such site is Hardly Work, which will transform either your Facebook or Twitter to look boring. Follow a few Wimbledon accounts and you'll be sorted.

If you need an offline option, then you can also download SpreadTweet for Windows.

Google Chrome also has a useful extension that can do this to any webpage. Decreased Productivity lets you tweak a webpage to how you desire, so that it will fit in with what you should be doing. For example, if the software you should be using for work has a black background, you can make the BBC Sport website have a black background. And so on. It perhaps won't stand up to too much scrutiny, but it will at least weaken the chances of your periodic air punches and grunting catching the boss's attention.

And if you have corporate IT watching your computer to see what websites you're skiving off on, then there's always VPN services like ZenMate, which will also let you get around website blocks.

So good luck this Wimbledon, and not just to the players but to you, the office workers who are perhaps playing the most dangerous game of all.

Lead Image Credit: Old Tennis Ball from Shutterstock

This post originally appeared on 29th June, 2015