Illegal Things Are Illegal Government Confirms Following Kodi Confusion

By Ian Morris on at

People are apparently confused. Kodi boxes are so widely available and easy to buy that they simply must be legal, right? Well no, surprisingly. The government has been explaining that the entertainment industry is valuable and that "Content creators deserve to be paid for their work - it is not a grey area". Although a quick translation from Government to English reveals they mean "we need the tax money, we don't get tax money from Kodi".

Ros Lynch, copyright and IP enforcement director at the Intellectual Property Office told Rupert Murdoch's Sun Newspaper that “This government takes IP infringement extremely seriously and we are working with our industry partners and law enforcement to tackle this emerging threat”. Rupert Murdoch's Sky Sports and Fox will be pleased with this stance, no doubt.

Of course, the government is pretty powerless to stop the use of Kodi or any other method to view copyrighted material. It can, and will, use its power to shut down people selling pre-installed boxes with both Kodi and the plugins that allow illegal streaming. It can't really stop the plugins being made and it will never take down every server streaming copyrighted sports.

We will, of course, see retailers like Amazon, eBay and Facebook continue to crackdown on the sale of these boxes. That should provide considerable reduction in their numbers, but again, you can't stop people building their own devices from scratch.

As individuals, of course, we must also take responsibility. We have to pay for entertainment or the industry will suffer. An example of this is the number of dreary Transformers movies. The fighting robots franchise is a hit with punters who are happy to pay to see CGI robots knock the shit out of each other. So Hollywood continues to make these films because people go to the cinema to see them.

On the other hand, new movies with new ideas and new themes are a risk. Will they bring in money at the box office, or will they sink without trace? So Hollywood invests less in new ideas, and more into "sure things". So when you're asking "why are all movies just CGI things hitting other CGI things", that's at least part of the answer.

And the entertainment industry also needs to understand that the wallets of the audience are suffering a hammering. Their jobs are putting less cash in them and food is taking more out, thanks to rising costs and inflation.

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