Is the £399 Oculus Rift a Deal or a VR-is-Dead Fire Sale?

By Gary Cutlack on at

If you really want a screen to strap to your head just in time for the summer, your luck's in. The UK price of the Oculus Rift has been slashed to just £399, and that includes the Touch input thing as well.

So is this a bargain of a lifetime, with prices of the VR unit set to rocket straight back up again in a few weeks' time once Oculus's generosity has expired? Has that ever happened with hardware? Or is it because VR is already starting to diminish in popularity, plus there are all manner of legal threats to the very existence of the Oculus Rift device in the pipeline? Or maybe there's a new version coming.

I don't know, I'm sitting out this latest micro-trend. Trying Google Cardboard for two minutes and it being utterly useless and not even working is my only opinion on VR, that and you look stupid while doing it and it can't be good for your eyes, can it? I need my eyes for all the critical looking at my phone in portrait mode that I do through the day. [Oculus Rift]

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