James Cameron Goes Googly-Eyed For 3D In This Terminator 2 Remaster Trailer

By Dave Meikleham on at

I friggin' adore Terminator 2. It's absolutely in my top ten movies of all time, and it's the only film that can routinely make me cry when an Austrian cyborg whips out a self-sacrificing thumbs up. Believe me, Edward Furlong, I definitely know why you cry. Anyhoo, T2 is getting a 3D remake, and in the build-up to this remaster's release, James Cameron has been talking up the conversion in a new trailer.

"There's a lucidity to it... you really feel like you're there," says the legendary director in regards to the 3D treatment. "We're working with the best 3D conversion house in the world, which is Stereo D." I wholeheartedly agree with this statement. There's precisely one 3D movie I like, the remaster of Jurassic Park, and there's no denying Stereo D's conversion adds some pretty spectacular depth to the T-Rex breakout scene.

He also dropped a little aside that made me feel old as the freakin' hills."A lot of fans of the movie weren't born when it was made, so for a lot of people it'll just be the thrill of seeing it in a movie theatre." How I wish I wasn't already six by the time T2 came out. I can practically feel the joints in my knees disintegrating with sadness.

Watch Cameron shill the 3D conversion a little more in the trailer below:

Terminator 2: 3D opens in UK cinemas August 25.