Jane Austen £2 Coin Gazumps Polymer £10

By Gary Cutlack on at

Jane Austen is about to be the star of the forthcoming polymer English £10 note (to be revealed in its final form today), but she's also got another bit of money coming to her. She's the star of a new special edition £2 coin as well, and this one's going to beat the tenner to your pockets by quite a margin.

The Jane Austen £2 is launched today, to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the author's death. It'll be circulated only in Hampshire, where she was born, so it's going to be quite the rarity the further away you live from the literary hotbed.

The coin's designer Dominique Evans said: "From the first brief, through to the final design, it was a delight to research Jane Austen’s life in detail. I imagined her framed silhouette as if it were in one of the houses featured in Jane Austen’s books, on the wall of a corridor as guests passed by to attend a dance, perhaps in Pride and Prejudice, or on the wall in the home of Emma." [Royal Mint]

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