Landord Caught on Nest Camera Having Sex In Tenant's Bed

By Ian Morris on at

Anyone who has rented a house or flat will likely have some complaints about their landlord. Perhaps they didn't fix the fridge quickly enough, left a leak a little too long or had sex in your bed. We're sure the last one isn't common, but thanks to a Nest camera a married couple from Colorado Springs spotted their landlord doing exactly that.

The camera notified Logan Pierce that there was, shall we say, activity in the room. When he fired up the camera remotely to see what was happening he was treated to a six-minute sex session that culminated in their landlord Carlos Quijada-Lara using an item of clothing to wipe some lube off the bed while his partner cleaned his genitals on Pierce's wife's wedding dress.

We have, as many would, questions about the sanity of pointing a Nest, or any other cloud-connected camera, at your bed. It's possible the couple only did so when they were out, but the idea of streaming god knows what to god knows where seems like a risky play at the best of times.

Quijada-Lara was arrested for trespass and has negotiated a plea deal, somehow, even though there is literally a video of him having sex in someone else's bed. He'll be sentenced on September 22nd. Sadly there's no specific crime for breaking and entering and entering, so he'll just get a trespass sentence. Punishment for first-degree crim­i­nal tres­pass in Colorado is up to three years in prison but it's not clear what class this crime might be.

Logan Pierce and his wife Mikaela DiGuilio left the property, which they rented for $1,100 per month, after the incident. Presumably straight after. [via: The Register and The Smoking Gun]

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