LinkedIn Has Found a New Way to Annoy the Shit Out of You

By Ian Morris on at

Not content with constant pestering emails because someone you've never heard of is "waiting for your response" LinkedIn has decided to further plunge its tendrils of hassle into your Windows 10 notifications. The new app for Windows 10 will allow new requests to appear as little popups in the bottom right of your screen, as if they were as important as oxygen itself.

LinkedIn, for its part, claims you'll be able to control the notifications you get and ensure that they aren't as bothersome as the torrent of emails reminding you that someone has a "workaversary". Also why is a work anniversary a thing, there's nothing more depressing than marking the time you've been chained to a desk - as if it was a relationship of some kind.

Of course a new app doesn't really change anything. The rage we feel for LinkedIn is about how damn hard it makes everything to do. With most of us busy with our jobs, who honestly has the time to mess about in settings to try and stop a barrage of emails and notifications when someone you don't know publishes an article about something you don't care about?

It also seems logical to conclude that LinkedIn will also use the app to try and get some money out of you for its "pro" service too, so that will be fun.

The LinkedIn app is rolling out for Windows 10 at the moment but the release is staggered, so we can't get our hands on it. But if you're using it, please do send us a request to join our professional network and we can discuss further, perhaps circling back to bluesky an idea nest. [via: Engadget]

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