Live eSports are Coming to the BBC*

By Gary Cutlack on at

The BBC, the actual BBC that does the telly and radio, is about to start making national stars of eSport players. They're going to be on the real TV.

Or sort of on the real TV, as the live eSports broadcasts are coming to BBC Three, the channel that now only exists in the form of a landing page on iPlayer. Still, the broadcast of four hours of live eSports through the BBC's online portal each week is quite a thing for the world of celebrity gaming, with the broadcaster using the Gfinity Elite League Series One group as the basis of its coverage.

Viewers will be able to enjoy watching people be very good at Street Fighter V, Counter-Strike: GO and Rocket League, as they chase portions of the £225,000 prize pot. Gfinity Elite League starts broadcasting on Friday for the Street Fighter sessions. [BBC Three]

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