London Airport Tired of Confiscating Marmite

By Gary Cutlack on at

Staff at London City Airport, the small airport that's really in London and not 140 miles away in Norfolk or Dorset, have revealed the thing that's most commonly seized from the luggage of travellers. It's jars of Marmite, apparently, as the idea of having to eat weird stuff like local fruit and plain yogurt for breakfast in the hotel is simply too much for some to bear.

The problem isn't with the Marmite itself, as it's not yet been banned by the EU. It's because people are bringing large pots with them in their hand luggage, and there are limits on that sort of thing because it might be a bomb, or you could smear it over yourself in some sort of dirty protest in order to forcibly acquire an upgrade, or infiltrate the cockpit and overpower the pilots with its odour.

So today, capitalising on this news with extreme viral potential, the airport is confusing the issue by handing out smaller travel-sized jars of the paste to travellers, confiscating larger jars and handing them over to a local food charity. [City AM]

Image credit: Twitter

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