London Theatre Job Ad Offers To Pay Peanuts With Insulting Recruitment Post

By Ian Morris on at

A London theatre has attempted to recruit a new, underpaid staff member by insulting an entire generation of people.The Tea House Theater offered between £15,000 and £20,000 per year for an office administrator. The full-time position was posted with the most remarkable job advert of all time.

Within the advert, there is much bitterness and bad attitude towards the people who might fill the role. Clearly, this is not the first time they've advertised the job, and have had little luck filling the position. This is somewhat explained in a series of tweets from someone who claims she went for an interview.

The story, in summary, was that that interviewer was eating breakfast, wanted several days of free labour as a trial and ultimately didn't call let her know she hadn't been successful in her interview. Another message suggested that a previous employee had quit in a row over money and was eventually told by the boss to "get the fuck out [of his office]".

Speaking to the Telegraph, Harry Iggulden, director at Tea House Theatre, said that the advert came out of "frustration" with the "thin skinned and narrow minded" applications he had received.

"Obviously I was writing it with a bit of frustration, and I was a bit disappointed with the job market. Since we started putting up the advert on Arts Council website we were getting people who didn’t understand the bottom line, they think somehow there is a money tree.

We work awfully hard, we are a small family business. We get paid very little, we work for nothing because we work in the arts. There seems to be an expectation [from young people] to earn far more than what the company directors are earning. It is sometimes dispiriting when people think they know more than you.  I am sorry if people find that a pittance. Guess what, I agree but that is the reality of what we are doing and we have been doing it for 20 years."

However you look at it, a company trying to employ someone on what is just barely minimum wage in the capital city, where lunch can cost nearly a year's salary, isn't going to get the best candidates. But that aside, a comment on the Time Out story suggests it's not a great place to work, the tweets aren't exactly complimentary either.

It sounds like an absolutely dismal place to work, obviously needs a much better HR policy, or even an HR policy at all and a wage shake up. After all that, perhaps another crack at posting a less offensive job ad might result in some interested candidates.

For now, the job ad has been deleted but the rage carries on. It sounds like this place might struggle to find its office manager in the near future. [Via: Time Out]

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