London's Shard Suggests Playing VR Games Instead of Looking at the View

By Gary Cutlack on at

London's newest, pointiest tower charges £30.95 for a ticket to go up it and have a look at the view of the city. That's fine. Expensive, but fine. What's not fine is that it's now installed some VR machines at the top, which offer a range of height-related experiences to try, even though you've just paid £120 to get the family up to see the bloody sights and get Timmy and Sophie off the sodding iPad for 10 minutes.

The operators of the The View part of the Shard are selling this as "the UK’s highest Virtual Reality experience," as if the cumbersome experience of VR is somehow made more engaging by the elevation of the wearer. That's it! That's why VR is dying already. The people using it thus far haven't been high enough in the air.

Look, here are some people purposefully blocking a world-class view with a screen:

Turn around, you idiots, it cost £30 to get up there. One of the VR experiences is a 360-degree look at the view, with the HTC Vive's spatial awareness tools deleting the building and letting wearers walk along a beam suspended above the city. Even though they are literally suspended above the city.

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