Lord Foster Plans Temporary Parliamentary Dome for Westminster Repair Break

By Gary Cutlack on at

When or if they ever get around to stumping up the billions needed to shore up the Palace of Westminster, celebrated architect Sir Norman Foster has an idea about what to do with all the MPS. He suggests decanting the lot to a temporary glass dome built just down the road on Horse Guards Parade.

Sir Foster says his glass and steel dome could be prefabricated away from the site then plonked in in one piece, with the internals built to a high standard and replicating the fit and feel of the current parliamentary buildings.

Obviously this is just an idea Foster's had as no one's decided what to do with government with the buildings are eventually decanted for repair, with the architect explaining: "You could re-create the existing Commons and Lords down to the cracks in the leather. Think of it as a building within a building. By prefabricating everything, you could achieve this in a one-year programme."

That's his pitch. Although making everyone go to an existing building in Birmingham or Manchester and claiming the train tickets on expenses would surely be a bit cheaper and easier. [The Times]

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