Man Spams Welsh Beach With Love Messages

By Gary Cutlack on at

Craig Sullivan had an idea about how to find himself a new partner. Instead of trawling dating apps or dogging in motorway service stations he decided on the more romantic option of sending out 2,000 messages in bottles, chucking them in the sea to see if, somehow, his ideal woman might open one up and respond to his appeal for a date.

He was happy about it to begin with:

Sadly for Craig, the tide took 30 of his first batch of bottled love messages to Rhossili bay beach on the Gower Peninsula, where the lady of his nightmares found them. Walker Helen Rhiannon Gill discovered about 30 of them all along the tideline of one stretch of sand, then picked them all up and chucked them, meaning the only action he's likely to see now is a blowjob from a binman.

Gill told Wales Online that: "It’s very romantic, but my friends are members of the Marine Conservation Society and they, and I, were very concerned about what it is doing to the environment," so she replied to him and gave him a bit of a telling off. It seems to have been enough to get Craig to abandon the idea altogether, so his next batches of love messages and bottles are going straight into the bin. [Wales Online]

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