Microsoft Paint is About to be Killed Off

By Gary Cutlack on at

Microsoft's popular and also unpopular Paint software -- pre-loaded within Windows for decades -- looks like it's about to be ditched from future versions of the desktop software.

This death knell has been sounded by the changelist for the autumn Windows 10 Creators Update, which has poor old Paint in the "deprecated" column, meaning that it's no longer to be supported or updated, so is presumably now in the palliative care stage of its life where it'll be on computers for a while then eventually disappear, with the support page saying it "...might be removed in future releases" of Windows.

Unless, of course, Microsoft is banking on this sad news launching an ironic appeal to keep it alive, in order to get people talking about Windows 10 on the internet and sharing sad images created to a purposefully low standard in Paint. You just can't tell these days.

Almost equally sad is the news of the "non-functional legacy code" of Outlook Express being removed from the next Windows 10 update, as the limited old email client was how a generation first began to sigh about the amount of spam they received. [Microsoft via Guardian]

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