MPs Promise War on Pretending to Get Sick From a Magaluf Hotel Buffet

By Gary Cutlack on at

A while ago we did a thing about British tourists going abroad, having a good time, then getting home and pretending to be sick in order to get a nice wedge of compensation from the hotel that did their catering. Well, Mr Feignington-Illness, that ruse is about to come to an end thanks to the GOVERNMENT.

Specifically it's an announcement from the Ministry of Justice, which says it wants to limit the amount of money that bogus illness compensation claimants can receive, in order to end the apparent menace caused by compo-seeking Brits trying to pay off the holiday credit card debt by making it appear their hotel catering gave them food poisoning -- something only UK tourists appear to try to swing.

Justice secretary David Lidington said: "Our message to those who make false holiday sickness claims is clear – your actions are damaging and will not be tolerated. We are addressing this issue, and will continue to explore further steps we can take. This government is absolutely determined to tackle the compensation culture which has penalised the honest majority for too long."

The nuts and bolts of it are that the Civil Procedure Rule Committee is to look at closing the loophole that lets holiday claims avoid the fixed recoverable costs limit that covers claims from injury caused at home. [GOV via BBC]

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