New Star Wars AR Headset Will Let You be a Jedi AND Play Holochess. Hell. Yeah.

By Dave Meikleham on at

This weekend's Disney D23 expo has thrown up all manner of Force fun, like a Star Wars-themed hotel at Disneyland, oh, and this kickass looking augmented reality game: Star Wars: Jedi Challenges...

Pretty neat, no?

Jedi Challenges is being powered by Lenovo and Lucasfilm's new augmented reality headset, seen in the trailer above. Not much is yet known about the hardware, though Lenovo describes "an app-enabled augmented reality experience" on its website, suggesting the proprietary headgear pair ups with your phone.

Lucasfilm also teased a holochess game for the new AR gadget, but no release date has currently been set for that or Challenges. Lenovo says the gadget and the lightsaber game are coming soon to Best Buy stores in the US, though there's currently no word on where (or if) the headset will be sold in the UK.