New Teaser For Sci-Fi Series Krypton Focuses on Superman's Grandad

By Dave Meikleham on at

After enduring ten seasons of Smallville – TEN! – I’m about done with small screen Superman. However, if you’re not like me and still harbour a hankering for more Kal-El TV action, you may want to pay attention to San Diego Comic-Con.

Krypton isn’t actually about everyone’s favourite, super boring alien hero. Instead, this origin show takes place 200 years before Clark’s home planet is eventually destroyed. As such, the story follows Seyg-EL (played by Cameron Cuffe): aka Superman’s grandad. I can just picture the intergalactic Werther’s Originals now.

The series was announced what feels like a decade ago at this point, but now that the show has been ordered to series we've finally got our first look at pre-cataclysm Krypton.

Because Krypton will be broadcast on SYFY when it launches in 2018, it won’t exist in the extended Arrow-Flash-Supergirl universe that’s been airing on the CW Network for years – all three shows call Sky One home in the UK.

I’m all about the Bat, so have little interest in this show. But what about you? Hyped? Or has Tom Welling’s crushing portrayal of a Young Man of Steel put you off all Supes-related shows for life?