Nokia Reveals When You'll Be Able to Buy One of its New Phones in the UK

By Ian Morris on at

The Nokia 3 will be available on 12th July priced £119.99. The Nokia 6 will be released on 2nd August priced £129.99. The Nokia 5 will appear on 16th August and cost £179.99. The Nokia 9 might appear sometime in September, but there's no formal announcement on it yet.

If you want one, you can pre-register at The Carphone Warehouse for a Nokia 3 right now. The phone will eventually be available from loads of retailers, including Amazon, EE, Virgin and Tesco Mobile. The Nokia 5 and will also be available from the same outlets, but the 6 will be a Carphone Warehouse exclusive.

Of course, all of these phones are trading with the popular Nokia brand name, but the devices these days are built by HMD and designed to offer much greater value for money. The phones will run Android, but do not pack have the same power you'd find e in top tier smartphones like Samsung's Galaxy range. When Nokia devices were tied to Windows Mobile, with its more modest requirements, it wasn't a problem - but Android is a resource monster, and can get very peckish around phone specs.

It's likely the Nokia 3 will only appeal to very low-use applications, but since lesser specs mean lower prices - and that's bound to appeal to plenty of people. The Nokia 5 and 6 are both mid-range devices that pack the extra power of Snapdragon 430 chipset, which means they'll be able to handle more but cost extra as a result. [Via TechRadar]

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