Oxford's Shark Roof House is up for Rent

By Gary Cutlack on at

A house is up for rent in Oxford. No, this isn't the slowest news day in history, it's quite an interesting house. It's the one you've probably seen before with a model of a shark poking out of its roof. Our sensible dad ways mean we can only worry this might lead to leaks, noise in high winds, and could attract students to the vicinity of the property.

It could be yours for £3,000 a month, which seems like quite a lot for a four-bed in Oxford, but then again it's hard to find other houses in the area that come with popular public art of fish embedded in the roof, so comparisons are tough.

The estate agent description is as over-selly as usual, explaining: "The Shark House, as it is so fondly known, is conveniently placed for all the local amenities and schools. The various hospitals and colleges Oxford has to offer are also within easy reach, making it ideal for a professional family."

There's also a conservatory and it gets superfast broadband if you need convincing. [Rightmove]

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