Peter Davison Has Quit Twitter Over Doctor Who Sexism Abuse

By Ian Morris on at

The argument over a woman playing The Doctor has claimed another victim, this time it's the Twitter account of Peter Davison who has called it a day after online abuse over some remarks he made in an interview.

In an interview about installing a Woman into the role Davison played in the 80s he told PA "If I feel any doubts, it’s the loss of a role model for boys who I think Doctor Who is vitally important for." which was a simple enough comment. Davison was simply expressing an opinion.

Of course, opinion is divided on if what he said is right or wrong. Plenty of girls have been inspired by male Doctors over the years, there's no reason to believe that boys won't be similarly inspired by a new, female Doctor. And boys have had a long, long run of Timelords, and those portrayals aren't going away. Ultimately though the decision has been taken and everyone's opinion on it is pointless.

Anyway, right or wrong the Twitter pile-on that followed would almost certainly have been enough to put most people off the service. Davison Tweeted:

Of course part of the problem here was that Davison waded into a debate that was toxic long before he made his remarks. He caught a lot of flack for some expressing his opinion that wasn't sexist but may have just been factually incorrect. But it's an opinion, everyone has them and we're all entitled to express them.

Anyway, Doctor Who "fans" need to ask themselves, "what would the Doctor do" before aggressively tweeting things. If you think the Doctor cares about gender or would engage in name calling on Twitter, then you've missed the point of the show.

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