Poseidon* Declares Cod is OK to Eat Again

By Gary Cutlack on at

The panic about running out of cod is over, apparently, with the Marine Stewardship Council saying it's OK to have the nice old classic fish shop fish again instead of one of the weird soggy ones on the menu no one even really knows how to pronounce.

The MCS has estimated the amount of cod in the North Sea right now and, pending some massive super-trawlers dumping their loads, it says there's about 167,711 tonnes of cod in our bit of the sea. That puts cod stocks at the highest since 1982, and lifts them off the recent low of 44,000 tonnes in 2006, when Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall was personally hanging around outside fish and chip shops begging people to have hake or huss or pollock alongside their polystyrene boat load of chips.

The MSC's Toby Middleton said: "Thanks to a collaborative, cross-industry effort, one of our most iconic fish has been brought back from the brink. Modified fishing gear, catch controls, well-managed fishing practices -- all these steps have come together to revive a species that was in severe decline."

Which is handy, as haddock's recently been put on the danger list. [Sky News]

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