R2-D2 Goes For Over £2m At An Action, Presumably Makes Loaded Star Wars Fan Supremely Happy

By Dave Meikleham on at

Despite looking like a dustbin with a couple of shonky robot legs attached, it turns out the original R2-D2 model is super valuable. Actually, it's insanely valuable.

Image: Mos Eisley Chronicles 

The legendary Star Wars prop went for an astounding $2.75m (around £2.08m) at an auction in Southern California this past week. As Polygon reports, the droid has been refurbished over the years (presumably due to wear and tear) and was assembled from parts used during the filming of the original trilogy, and others from the first two prequel episodes.

Even if the little dude has a teensy bit too much prequel trilogy in him for your liking, that's a whole lot of cheddar to part with for an intergalactic bin on legs.

Luke Skywalker's original lightsaber was also sold at the Profiles in History auction, and went for a paltry $390,000 (£296,000) in comparison. Clearly, tiny bots hold their resale value better than Kyber crystal-forged laser swords.