Samsung Is Mining Dead Note 7s For Precious Metals

By Ian Morris on at

Having gone to the effort of arranging a bunch of previous materials into a phone, Samsung must now unarrange them all again to recover some of its losses. The Note 7, which launched last year, became infamous because of its propensity to explode thanks to a badly designed battery. Some of the phones will be sold under a new name, with a new lower capacity power cell, but the rest will be junked.

According to Recycling International, Samsung will attempt to recover 157 tonnes of gold, silver, cobalt and copper from the Note 7. Some devices that were unopened will be turned into the Note FE, which will be sold with new batteries that should cause no problems. The phones which had been sold, and opened, will be crushed and their precious materials abstracted.

Some parts, like the camera module, will be retained and kept to replace those on phones which are sent from repair. Chips can be desoldered and displays will also be retained, although they might not be reused in phones, they may end up in other devices like VR headsets and other similar things.

Samsung lost $5.4 billion in potential profit on the Note 7, and it won't see any of that now. All it can do is crack on with its other, less explody, devices. Presumably hoping that the Note 8 is a roaring success, and people don't avoid it for fear their pants will catch fire. On the plus side, it's excellent to see Samsung recycling as much as possible, the planet is no doubt grateful. [Via: Reuters]

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