Samsung's Stand-Alone VR Headset Will Have Eye-Tracking

By Tom Pritchard on at

Samsung is one of two companies that people will associate with mobile-powered VR, given how much its been pushing the Oculus-made Gear VR headset. But as great as the Gear VR is, it's still pretty limited, which might be why it seems to be going all out with its first stand-alone headset.

We've known about the existence of the Exynos VR headset for quite some time, thanks to rumours and secretive behind-closed-doors demos at MWC. But today is the first time we've heard anything concrete, thanks to a press release from Visual Camp that reveals the company's eye-tracking technology will be used inside the Exynos III protoype.

When it comes to immersion eye-tracking is the next obvious step from head-tracking, since it helps make virtual interaction more natural and therefore more immersive. So far we haven't seen it on a consumer headset, and while the Exynos III still seems to be in the prototype phase it would be a big leap forward in consumer VR technology.

Another benefit of this particular headset is that it will include foveated rendering. That means it will track where users are looking, and producing high resolution imagery in their direct line of sight. Resolution in other areas will be reduced as a result, which will help reduce the amount of power required - and the amount of heat produced. This tech can also be used for augmented reality applications, though it's not clear whether the Exynos headset will end up combining virtual and real-world environments.

The press release also revealed new information about the headset, including the fact that it has hand-tracking tech, voice recognition, and the ability to differentiate between different facial expressions. The release doesn't go into detail about how all of that will work, and I couldn't even guess as to how they plan to achieve that. But then again, that's why I'm not an engineer.

There's no word on when we'll get to see the Exynos headset as a consumer, or even a developer device, but for now it's nice to know Samsung isn't playing catch-up with companies that already have headsets on the market. [PR Newswire via Slashgear]

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