Scotland Will Have a Polymer £10 in September too

By Gary Cutlack on at

Scotland's Clydesdale Bank, one of several Scottish banks that issues its own brand of bank note, is about to join the rush to make the tenner plastic. It'll launch its polymer £10 on September 21, just in time for baffled English tourists to take one home and have an argument in a Hemel Hempstead Tesco garage about if they're legal tender in England or not.

The Clydesdale £10 is to feature legendary Scots poet Robbie Burns -- who's already been on Clydesdale's paper fivers and tenners -- and some scenic vistas of Edinburgh and, like the polymer fivers in issue in Scotland and England, will be smaller that the current paper notes.

David Duffy of the Clydesdale Banking Group said: "The introduction of our £5 polymer banknote has led to a reduction in counterfeit levels and had a positive impact on the environment, and we believe the £10 version will have a same effect. More durable and more secure than normal paper notes, the move towards polymer is an important milestone in our history of innovation."

The Bank of Scotland and RBS are also planning to have their polymer tenners in circulation by the autumn. [ITV News]

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