Sky and HBO Turn Chernobyl Disaster into a TV Thriller

By Gary Cutlack on at

A deal between football purveyor Sky and American tits specialist HBO is about to deliver its first jointly produced product, which is a drama set in the immediate aftermath of the Chernobyl nuclear power station accident. It'll be called Chernobyl to make that extremely clear.

The mini series stars Jared 'Mad Men' Harris in the role of a scientist given the job of investigating the accident by Soviet government officials, with the aim being to tell the stories of people involved and celebrate the heroics of rescuers.

It's all being written by Craig Mazin, who has such noble credits as Scary Movie 4 and The Hangover Part II to his name, although given the gravity of the subject matter he's almost certainly been told to keep masturbation jokes to a minimum in this one. Filming starts next year. [Sky News]

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