Somerset Village Really Doesn't Want a Phone Mast, Thanks

By Gary Cutlack on at

The small village of Compton Dundon in Somerset is really against the idea of having a phone mast erected in the area, as a mass of people with health issues and off-grid retreats would rather not have radio signals blasting through their healthier-than-thou bodies.

One of the key anti-mast protesters is David Taylor, who operates the Earth Spirit Centre in the village, where people, some with apparent electrosensitivity, come to escape from the notifications and general electric hum of modern life. So a phone mast in the village might shut him down.

One unnamed resident quoted by the Times's rural investigator is also concerned this his daughter's childhood leukaemia could come back were a mast to appear, saying: "The specialist doctor who treated her warned us that exposure to the signals emitted by telecommunication masts and electricity pylons could trigger a relapse. We are very worried."

So they're happy sticking with landlines, it appears, although no one's asked their teenage children what they think, and they have a web site so clearly want some of the trappings of modern life. [The Times]

Image credit: Planning application

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