Spot the Supercar from the Crash Debris

By Gary Cutlack on at

This mangled pile of burnt bits is all that's left of a supercar that hit a house in Wiltshire and came off worse. But what did it used to be? Who uses orange like that? Which company puts on that type of wheels? And has anyone checked to see if Richard Hammond has tweeted anything today?

The images were posted by Trowbridge Fire Station, which said there were two "walking wounded" in the vicinity, so no one died, despite the horror scene and subsequent fire. The house had to be shored up as part of a wall or porch was knocked off, and look! A wheel somehow ended over there, with this angle giving us a bit more of a clue as to the type of car that a man with a headache is currently crying about:

Apparently these are the last remains of the more, ahem, affordable £140k McLaren 570S, which would appear to have been supplied in McLaren Orange, hence the bits of shattered orange shell dotted about the scene. [Trowbridge Fire Station via the Guardian]

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