Tesco Clubcard Goes Contactless, Adds Uber and Hotels.com Rewards

By Ian Morris on at

The Tesco Clubcard has had a makeover. The new cards, being sent out to customers soon, are contactless, and controversially, the supermarket giant has added Uber to its rewards partners. Why is the move controversial? Well because London's 21,000 black cab drivers are livid again, that's why.

Tesco's Clubcard offers you money off your shopping if you spend the points you accrue in-store. You get a much better deal, however, if you exchange Clubcard points for things like restaurant vouchers, tickets to Legoland or other treats. The firm has now added Hotels.com and Uber to the list of things you can exchange points for.

Now black cab drivers have a problem with Uber because it's cheaper than they are, more convenient than they are and doesn't make a song and dance about going south of the river. On the flip side, Uber is currently embroiled in a war against some pretty unsavoury elements in the business that are accused of sexual harassment. Add to that the company's failure to handle some driver-related problems properly and it's one big ball of controversy.

So on the one hand Tesco might lose the custom of 21,000 cabbies. On the other, people shopping at Tesco will get massively reduced Uber bills. And as we know, people can sometimes ignore corporate moral failings if they can get home from the pub late, and for cheap.

Engadget points out that Tesco Clubcard is now 23 years old and has 16.5 million customers. It's a massively popular service and one that allows Tesco to aggressively mine your shopping habits for data that it can use to flog you ever-increasing piles of tat.

Anyway, it turns out that capitalism turns people crazy. Who knew. [via Engadget]

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