Tesco Is Making Its Same-Day Delivery Service Available Nationwide

By Ian Morris on at

Having seen the scary future where Amazon steals all its customers, Tesco has decided to act fast and roll out its same-day delivery service nationwide. Tesco says that it can cover 99% of households in the UK, and orders placed by 1pm will be delivered the same evening.

The service will be available to all from the end of August and will be available Monday to Saturday. Sunday delivery isn't a possibility for most, although the existing trial is for the full seven days. Presumably, it's only a matter of time before the service is available every day.

Deliveries will be made from 7pm, with prices ranging from £3 up to £8. One hour slots - say from 7pm until 8pm - are available from £4. Tesco's Delivery Saver scheme will allow customers to get their shopping delivered free, but that's only for a limited introductory period.

It stands to reason that supermarkets will go this route. Amazon routinely hands them their arses on things like this. It's easier to buy some items on Amazon than to walk to a shop on the corner, and people do love convenience. With Tesco's already massive delivery network and a huge number of stores, it's in a great position to get stuff to people as quickly as possible. It's just an issue of staff to get the stuff and physically drop it off at your house.

Tesco says it has seen an 18% increase in demand for same day deliveries in the past year. People really want their frozen pizzas now, and they are absolutely not prepared to drive to the nearest Tesco to get them. [via Engadget]

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