The 2017 RIBA Stirling Prize Shortlist Includes A Wicker House And A Naked Man On A Donkey

By Ian Morris on at

The 2017 RIBA Stirling Prize shortlist has some interesting stuff on it, including a block of flats that seems to be made out of baskets, and an underground bunker that almost certainly isn't designed for avoiding the end of the world.

Barrett’s Grove is the wicker-looking thing, and in fact it's using normal bricks arranged in an interesting way in concert with balconies that appear to be woven from wicker. Surrounded by a collection of irregular but traditional buildings the flats certainly look interesting. Internally there seems to be a lot of wood that looks great now, but won't be so nice six months after.

And of course, it's easy to mock these eccentric properties and buildings, but have a look around. You can go to Scotland, Wales or England and see the same dull, cheap-as-chips new builds that serve to house, rather than take inspiration from local materials. Thank goodness some buildings are unique, and offer their locations something cool that doesn't exist anywhere else.

Another of the nominees is a photo studio in west London, designed for Juergen Teller that is an office, home and sauna. To celebrate the completion of his new building Teller posed naked on a donkey. Funnily enough, this article is also being written atop an ass, and sans-clothes too.

You can see the list of nominees on and in person by going to the place where they are and looking at them.

Lead image from RIBA, copyright Timothy Soar

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