The Ant-Man Fiasco Hasn't Totally Put Edgar Wright Off Directing Another Superhero Film

By Dave Meikleham on at

Edgar Wright should hate all superheroes. Despite working away on Marvel's Ant-Man for some eight years, he eventually left the project due to that wonderful old Hollywood chestnut 'creative differences.' You'd think pouring almost a decade of your life into a film that he ultimately wouldn't direct would put Wright off ever attempting to helm another superhero movie, but that doesn't entirely seem to be the case.

Image: Den of Geek

Speaking to Screen Geek, the Baby Driver director was asked whether he would consider taking on a property from the extended DC Universe, following the colossal success of Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman. (Interestingly, Jenkins is another filmmaker who left a Marvel movie - in her case Thor: The Dark World - over studio arguments). Despite his Ant-Man agony, Wright's response seems to keep the door open to the possibility of perhaps one day making a DC flick:

"I don’t know. I’m really not too familiar with their heroes, so I couldn’t say which one I would do."

Hardly a definitive confirmation he's going to make Suicide Squad 2: Please Let This Franchise Die. Still, it's good the Ant-Man experience hasn't completely turned Wright against the possibility of doing another superhero movie.

We recently had an in-depth chat with Wright where we talked everything from Baby Driver to Grand Theft Auto. He's a fascinating guy. Also, you should totally go see Baby Driver. It's all kinds of wonderful.