The Best Gifts for Game of Thrones Fans

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Winter in July. That's what's kind of happening at the moment, since Game of Thrones has returned to dominate the television landscape for another six weeks. The first episode has already aired, but there's still plenty to come, and with this list of swag you can make sure you're completely prepped for the episodes ahead - and that you have enough to keep you going until next year.

Season 1-6 Box Set, from £48

You might want to hold off on this purchase for a couple of years, seeing as how Game of Thrones is due to end after its eighth year, but if you want to catch up on everything in disc form then the box set if the best way to go. I don't need to sing the praises of the box set, you know all about those, so here is a link for you to buy it for yourself. [Buy it here]

Alternatively you can watch the first six series on Now TV, with 6 available until 16th August and 1-5 until the end of the month. Since that's one of the cheapest ways to legally consume the new episodes that's also a good option. There's also a two week free trial if you've never used it before.


Obviously there are books that the series is based on, even if the TV series has outpaced George RR Martin's snail-on-tranquillisers writing pace. There are five books in total, though they are split into seven volumes if you purchase the paperback versions for some reason. A box set of those will cost you £28. Alternatively you can get all five in a leather-bound hardback edition which will cost £36.

The first book, A Game of Thrones, is 20 years old as well, so there's an illustrated commemorative anniversary edition available for £17. That's a hardback, naturally.

Other Books

There are other books for you to enjoy as well, including The Lands of Ice and Fire (£28.09) which includes a selection of world maps - some of which detail the various routes characters have taken throughout the books. There's also A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms (£4) which collects the Dunk & Egg prequels, expansive history book/encyclopaedia The World of Ice and Fire (£20.40), A Pop-up Guide to Westeros (£18), short story The Ice Dragon (from £4), and The Wit and Wisdom of Tyrion Lannister (£6.49).

Oh and there's a colouring book (£11), if you're into that.

Iron Throne Replica, £51

Everyone lusts over the Iron Throne, so a true fan will want a version to call their own. There are a bunch of different versions available, including one life-size replica that costs nearly two grand and a Pop-Vinyl friendly version that's horrifically overpriced, but your best bet is probably this official version that stands 18cm tall. You can't sit on it, nor does it really do anything, but it would look nice on display somewhere in your house. [Buy it here]

Replica Dragon Eggs, £85

There's no shortage of replica stuff from Game of Thrones out there, but dragon eggs are easily one of the most obvious purchases to make. They're not cheap, but these three TV-like eggs do come inside their own storage box so you can prance around pretending to a dragon princess of your very own. Just don't throw them in the fire, they're probably not flame-resistant like real dragon eggs. [Buy it here]

Board Games

Licensed board games are big business, and there's no way HBO would let a lucrative revenue stream get away from them. With that in mind you can now purchase Game of Thrones themed editions of Cluedo, Monopoly, and Risk, alongside an official board game for the book series. So if you want to have some Westerosian adventures of your own (or wars, if you pick Monopoly) then there are some options.

House Stark Banner, £16

The Starks are one of the more popular of the Westerosi houses, mainly because they're complete and utter scumbags like a lot of the rest. If you agree with that sentiment, then you might want to adorn your walls with one of the same banners they fly at Winterfell. Not the exact same, because they're fictional, but the same design. It'd look good on your wall, or maybe outside your tent at the next music festival you end up at. [Buy it here]

Hodor doorstop, £6

This one doesn't have a mini brass Hodor on the end, but I don't really need to explain why you'd want this. [Buy it here]

This Mug, £8

One of Tyrion's many wise quotes sums him up to a tee. He drinks copious amounts of booze, and just happens to know a hell of a lot about the world. Mugs might not be the classiest receptacle for wine and other boozey drinks, but they're certainly a lot cheaper than engraved tankards and goblets. Plus they're more discrete. You could sneakily use this to drink at work without people noticing - not that we condone that sort of behaviour. [Buy it here]

Hand of the King Seal, £6.49

There aren't many uses for wax seals these days, but if you're tired of cutting your tongue licking cheap envelopes, it might be worth a buy. Even more so if you plan on sending classy messages. The type a king or queen's hand would send. This kit comes with a seal, some wax, and a selection of envelopes and scrolls to use it on. [Buy it here]

Hand of the King Badge, £5

If you're going to buy the seal you might as well buy this as well, otherwise you'd just look silly. [Buy it here]

A Game of Thrones Graphic Novel, from £12 per volume

If you can't be doing with all these "words" but still want to have a reading experience of George RR Martin's frustratingly unfinished saga, you're in luck. There are comic versions, or 'graphic novels' as the kids are calling them these days. It's slow moving, and the adaptation of the second book has only just started, but you can read the entirety of A Game of Thrones in visual form. [Buy Vol 1 | Vol 2 | Vol 3 | Vol 4]

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